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Dear Reader,

Christianity is not about death but about life. Nor about dying but about resurrection.

It is about a new life, and about a God who is invincible and to be trusted. About a God whose very nature is to love, love that was supremely show in Jesus.

On Easter morning there broke from the tomb in the garden where the dead Jesus had been laid, the first rays of everlasting joy. God had raised to life Jesus and he was alive.

By the Resurrection of Jesus, Christians have an inheritance that will never fade away. Nothing can take from those who are Christians the assurance that in the end that light will be in our hearts, that joy our possession for ever.

A Christian is essentially one who has met the Risen Lord. Thus, Christianity does not mean knowing about Jesus; it means knowing Jesus. It does not mean arguing about Jesus; it means meeting Jesus. It means the certainty of the experience that Jesus is alive - that he lives.

Easter is the promise of being filled with a joyful spirit, of love set free, of hope for every tomorrow. It is also the evidence that goodness will prevail, even over our stricken world.

We need never think of death as fearful and forbidding. There is nothing to fear. Love and care are waiting for us. The God who has cared for us from when we began this life will do no less when we part from it. The place is prepared for us, of which Jesus himself spoke.

God's will for all of us is ultimate union with himself, so that finally we have no wish left that is out of harmony with himself, and no desire save his glory.

One day, all of us will die. It will be our turn to move on to a new plain of life. For all of us Jesus Christ has prepared a place. God will not be satisfied with less. The Christian hope is that we will go on to a glory too wonderful, too august for any words to adequately express.

We invite you to attend a place of Christian worship this Easter.

You will find Easter a bright day, experience inward warmth, love set free, quickened life, joyous laughter.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Rev. Hugh-Nigel Sheehan (The Methodist Minister)

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