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The Promised Saviour

Jesus is coming into God’s special town,
To ponder the grave and to wear a bright crown,
But as He will ride over foliage so green,
The shouts of ‘Hosannas’ will be the sound of the scene.

His people will cry “His Majesty comes,
To brighten our lives, our dreams and our hopes”,
But soon the betrayal will fall like a stone,
Over God’s chosen deity, before welcoming Him home.

There in the garden in deep earnest prayer,
Jesus is calling “Father, are you still there?”
The guards with their swords and a traitor at hand,
With apostles a sleeping and dare not to stand.

In front of the governor shamefully de-frocked,
The King of the world is innocently mocked,
They flogged Him and beat Him, the wounds were so raw,
But people were blind to this man on the floor.

They nailed Him and pierced Him and nailed Him up high,
There in the heat but, when the storm came He died,
They claimed this poor soul, a man full of grace,
Who suffered and died for the whole human race.

But nothing would keep Him secure in the tomb,
His Father’s own promise would rescue Him soon,
Then as silent as night our Saviour appeared,
To give life eternal to all who believe.

(c) Copyright Keith Todd (2003)

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With creaking strain and crashing noise the timber hit the ground,
And eager willing people rushed to gather all around.
Though young and strong this living tree had reached its final day
And with its vital job to do, they carried it away.

And when they got it back to town, they worked into the dark.
They chopped the leaves and branches off and stripped it of the bark
And then they took it up the hill and stood it up on high
To wait until the light of dawn came flooding ‘cross the sky.

So when the morning light appeared, a carpenter they brought
A man who scared them by the words of love and peace he taught.
They whipped and spat and tortured Him, and put Him in a gown
Then like the saplings hours before, they cruelly chopped Him down.

But in that forest far away, from where the tree was slain
As thunder crashed and lightening flashed, there came a fall of rain
And lying on the ground below, amidst the pain and strife
A seedling from the fallen tree breathed the breath of life.

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(c) Copyright Simon Cooper

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