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Christ Died For Me

Peter Oh Peter

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used to have a problem with the phrase Christ died for me,
The words in certain songs rolled off my tongue so easily,
Oh I believed and I was grateful that the Lord had done His part,
Yet no matter how I tried, I didnít feel it in my heart.

couldnít comprehend what pain and agony He felt,
Perhaps Iíd know if on that day Iíd at Golgotha knelt,
Perhaps if Iíd have been there, surely then Iíd see
And feel within my heart just what Jesus did for me.

want more than empty phrases Lord, but I donít know where to start,
To sing with thankful praises with a truly grateful heart,
Then I heard Good Fridayís story, From Christís Mother, Maryís view,
I listened, and my heart ached as this message pierced me through.

ver held a new born baby, kept him safe and free from harm,
Seen his fingers wrap round tightly as you gently stroke his palm,
Then imagine Mother Mary, for she was there to see,
The tiny hand she once held being nailed to a tree.

nd as the nails pierced His feet and the thorns dug in His head,
Perhaps she recalled His first steps, the first words He ever said,
Yet there was someone else that day, hurting even more,
The most loving caring Father you and I will ever know.

e looked down and saw it all, I can scarcely take it in,
How God loved the world so much He gave His Son for our sin.
And still today He knocks and listens, all we have to do is call,
And in giving our life to Jesus, receive the most precious gift of all.

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Peter Oh Peter

Oh Peter, Peter, what have you done

Youíve betrayed Godís only blessed Son,

In the courtyard cold and dim

Who was the girl that let you in?

Into the warmth of that frightful place,

Do you remember seeing the Masterís face?

ďOh! No!Ē you said, ďIt wasnít me!Ē

Again and again, but did you flee

From the danger of within?

No not you, Oh! Blessed one.

Even though you saw what you had done

You cried and wept, you saddened man.

But it was all part of the mighty plan

That God had sent upon the land

To show the love of His almighty hand.

God still loves you Oh donít be aroused

Even after you heard the dreaded sound

Of the cock crow in a yonder tree

That brought Jesus home for you and me.

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(c) Copyright Keith Todd (1994)

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