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Stations Of The Cross

The word "stations" in this context mean the places where Christ "halted" on His journey from being condemned to death outside the Sanhedrin by Pontius Pilate to His crucifixion on Calvary Hill, which was, at that time outside the city walls of Jerusalem.

Fourteen pictures of the events of this journey are usually found hung around the walls of Catholic Churches. During this act of worship, also known as the Way of the Cross, Catholics lovingly retrace the footsteps of Christ on the way to His death, by praying at each station and processing around the 14 pictures which depict the following scenes:-

  1. Jesus is condemned to death

  2. Jesus carries His cross

  3. Jesus falls the first time

  4. Jesus meets his mother

  5. Simon, the Cyrenaen, helps Jesus to carry his cross

  6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

  7. Jesus falls the second time

  8. Jesus consoles the Women of Jerusalem

  9. Jesus falls the third time

  10. Jesus is stripped of his garments

  11. Jesus is nailed to the Cross

  12. Jesus dies on the cross

  13. Jesus is taken down from the cross

  14. Jesus is laid in the tomb

Catholics solemnly recall these events, because we believe that these are the most important events in the whole of human history. We celebrate them with love, because Christ took these steps out of obedience to his Father and of love for each one of us. Paradoxically, we see in these awful events an amazing beauty.

During the season of Lent, most Churches follow this devotion weekly and especially on Good Friday. The Stations of the Cross are being held on every Sunday from 5th March at 6pm in the Sacred Heart RC Church, St. Ives. You are welcome to join us.

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Elizabeth Barker (Sacred Heart RC Church)