Basic features of Word - WordArt

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Insert WordArt

To add WordArt to your document:

1) Left click on Insert on the menu bar with the mouse

2) Move the mouse over Picture.

3) Left click on WordArt.

After you have clicked on WordArt a window will appear with different styles of text. This is called the WordArt Gallery. Pick the style of your choice (green arrow) and click OK at the bottom of the window using the mouse. (Look at the picture below.)

Next another window will appear for you to type in the text.


1) Type in your text. (Arrow A)

2) If you want to change the font click on the triangle indicated by arrow B on the picture right. Then click on the font of your choice.

3) To change the size of your text click on the second triangle indicated by arrow C.

4) Click on the B to make your text BOLD (Arrow D).

5) Click I to make you text Italic (Arrow E).

6) Click OK when finished. (Arrow F) You can always modify your choice later.

7) To modify the colours, or format of your text, click on the text and a tool bar will appear:-

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