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What Is?

What Is Easter?Easter with Cross

Easter is one of the main Christian Festivals. It commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after His Crucifixion. The date of Easter varies from year to year, but is always in the Spring.

What Is Lent?

Lent is traditionally a time of fasting, beginning on Ash Wednesday for forty days. These days, instead of fasting, people usually give up something for Lent. (For example, chocolate)

What Is Pancake Day? (This is also called Shrove Tuesday)Pancake Day

Pancake Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday (first day of Lent). This was traditionally the day when all eggs and fat were used up in preparation of fasting, so pancakes are made and eaten.

What Is Ash Wednesday?Palm Cross

Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent. It is also when the ashes of palms, used on the previous Palm Sunday are used to mark a cross on the foreheads of those attending Church.

What Is Holy Week?

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday (When Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem) and ends on Easter Saturday. It includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

What Is Maundy Thursday?Holy Week

This is the day that Christians commemorate The Last Supper.

What Is Good Friday?

Good Friday marks the day when Jesus was crucified.

What Are Easter Eggs?Easter Eggs

Eggs originally were symbols of fertility and new life. Eggs were forbidden food during Lent, so Easter Sunday is the traditional time to start using them again. People began decorating and giving eggs to family, friends and servants on Easter Sunday. These are now usually chocolate eggs.

What Are Hot Cross Buns?

This tradition dates back to pagan times. On Good Friday 1361, small spiced cakes marked with a cross, were given out by Father Thomas Rockliffe to the poor of St. Albans, Herts. After this, it became traditional to make and eat Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday.

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